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The shop is about 10 minutes walk
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The Family Business - Studio View


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The Family Business - Studio View
The Family Business - Mauro Copoletta


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I would like to be tattooed at The Family Business, what’s the booking process and how does it work?

Usually we ask customers to initially come and see us in person. We have reception staff available all day who can help you refine your ideas and aid your decision and to which tattoo artist is best for you and your project. You do not need to book a slot to come and speak with our reception staff. After seeing the reception staff, we can then book you in for your tattoo, or book a consultation with your chosen artist, if you’d like one. Sometimes consultations are necessary to take measurements or to trace the area you’d like to be tattooed. If you live outside of the M25, you can email us your ideas and we can go from there. All of this process is free but we will require a deposit to hold any time you book.

How much is the deposit, and what is it necessary for?

Your deposit will vary depending on the estimated final cost of your tattoo. Deposits are necessary as cancelations can result in a lot of wasted time. It also helps spread the cost of your final tattoo. Bookings with deposits can be moved, but we require 48 hours notice, otherwise your deposit will be lost. This includes being late for your appointment.

Could I get a quote on this tattoo?

Yes, however we do not give quotes over the phone or over email. Please come into the studio to discuss your idea, and we can give you a rough estimate.

How long is your waiting list?

The booking processes vary from artist to artist. Only a couple of artists operate on a waiting list system, others we can book you in straight away. Please contact us in regards to specific artists.

Most of the tattoos featured on your website are quite large, but what I want is quite small/simple, is this something I could get tattooed at your shop?

We are more than happy to do smaller pieces. The portfolios are intended to give an indication of each artists style, not just the work they ‘only’ do.

I have a design in mind, would one of your artists be able to draw something up for me?

Yes! The Family Business is a custom tattoo shop. Most customers bring in their rough ideas.

I have something very specific that I would like tattooed, is this possible?

Mostly yes- however, often a design needs a little tweaking in order to make it a tattoo that will age well with time.

Can I see my design before the booking?

Yes, we can show you a design the day before the actual tattoo, but this needs to be booked in advance.

I would like to get a cover-up over an existing tattoo, how do I go about this?

Please come into the studio. Cover-up work needs a lot of special attention and consideration, and we’d need to see the existing tattoo in person. We can then advise you from there.

I don’t live in the UK, but I plan on getting tattooed whist in London, is this possible?

We can arrange appointments remotely, but still require a deposit to hold your space. We have several ways we can take this, so please contact the shop with your dates and your ideas, and we’ll go from there.

Can I bring a friend with me when I get tattooed?

Yes, but they cannot come into the tattooing area. They will have to wait for you at reception.

Do you do piercing?


Can I get a ‘white ink’ tattoo at your studio?

White ink is notorious for its questionable longevity. As a shop, we like to discourage ‘white ink only’ tattoos.