WE NOW OFFER A higly professional LASER TATTOO REMOVAL TREATMENT FROM TUESDAY TILL SATURDAY. Our tattoo expert will follow your tattoo removal every step of the way, he has several years of experience in tattooing,  tattoo removal and cover ups, No tattoo regret is too small or too old as DAle knows it all about inks while using the best equipment available today.  



"I'd highly recommend going to see Dale for tattoo removal - he lasered mine off, and having just had the last session, it looks to have completely disappeared leaving no marks/scarring. He's clearly an expert in his field, is medically registered and is a top bloke too." -- Tom

 "Dale is obviously very knowledgeable and was able to suggest the best course of action & manage my expectations around the treatment. He uses medical grade equipment and Dale himself is a very reassuring, good humoured character and feels like a "safe pair of hands". I would recommend him to anyone. A treatment felt like a catch up with an old friend, spending it chatting away.  The treatment itself was great with a huge, thick black tattoo being faded into almost nothing. 
Once the laser was completed, Gianluca took on creating my half sleeve cover-up. Fast, reliable, incredibly skilled & detailed work, & friendly with it, I couldn't have asked for more." -- Leo

"Been to TFB to see Dale for laser removal. Had 8 sessions over the course of about 18 months to remove a big, black, ugly tattoo on my shoulder.  He uses medical grade equipment and talked me through exactly how it works and how my skin would react, took loads of time to answer all my Qs and always followed up with me to make sure it was healing okay and I wasn't concerned about anything.  Always fun conversation with Dale and great advice about the next tattoos I'm thinking about. Couldn't recommend him more highly." -- Helen